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Dr. Green Economy features current eye-catching updates on Climate Change, Sustainability, and Circular Economy. The newsletter is a platform for learners who want to learn about how climate change is affecting our daily lives, and a supporting medium for the advocators joining the fight against it.

What to expect:

  • Climate Change: This part covers news, an urgent and ‘must-know’ current effect of Climate Change.

  • Energy Crisis: This section covers the topics of the current energy crisis.

  • Sustainability Consultant: Understand everything from simple definitions to the use cases of the Circular Economy.

  • Green Entrepreneurs: Talking to Entrepreneurs, and thank them for their businesses that work towards reducing environmental impact.

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About Parva Chhantyal

I am a writer, scientist, environmentalist, explorer, and entrepreneur. I started this newsletter during my maternity leave when I thought I was going to be away from my work for a long time and wanted to do something for myself while my baby naps. My Master’s is in Chemical Engineering, Ph.D. in Nanotechnology, started working as an Environmental Scientist, and I love writing. Combining all these, I couldn't feel more comfortable running this newsletter.

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Dr. Parva Chhantyal

A chemical engineer/ material scientist / environmental consultant turned entrepreneur. I enjoy writing and staying current on Climate Change, Sustainability, and Circular Economy.

Krinjjwal Dhakal

I am an Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate student from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication. I enjoy writing articles regarding renewable and clean energy, nanotechnology, and climate change.